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Please contact the following coaches for the age group you are interested in for practice times and locations:

2010 Boys * 2012 Girls * 2013 Girls
Bonny Forzi (214) 586-6039

2003 Boys * 2004 Boys * 2004 Girls * 2005 Boys * 2009Boys
Alex Opoku (469) 877-4630

2008 Boys
Skyler Simmonds (817) 565-9757

2007 Boys
Damon Johnson (469) 363-2354

2007 Girls * 2008 Girls
Jose Hernandez (972) 339-0853

Congratulations Dallas Cup Participants!

03B Eto'o, 04B Eto'o, and 04G Teams

Tournament Awards

03B Eto'o Dallas Cup Semifinalists
07B u90c Spring Kickoff Champions

08B Eto'o

Texas Winter Classic Champions
10B Texas Winter Classic Champions

08B Eto'o

Upper 90 Challenge Champions
10B Upper 90 Challenge Champions
08B Eto'o League Challenge Cup Finalists
10B League Challenge Cup Finalists
09B Opoku Plano Labor Day Champions
04G Plano Labor Day Finalists

  • u90c Spring Kickoff Champs- 07B
  • Texas Winter Classic Champs- 08B Eto'o
  • Texas Winter Classic Champions- 10B
  • U90 Challenge Champions- 08B Eto'o
  • U90 Challenge Champions- 10B
  • League Challenge Cup Finalists- 08B Eto'o
  • League Challenge Cup Finalists- 10B
  • Plano Labor Day Champions- 09B Opoku
  • Plano Labor Day Finalists- 04 Girls

  • 03 Boys Green Presidents Cup Champions
  • 04 Girls Opoku Champions 2017 Lake Highlands Division
  • 04B Win 2nd Place in Summer Splash
  • FC Premier 04B Green Beat The Heat Champions
  • 03 Boys Green Presidents Cup Champions
  • 05 Boys Vegas Cup 2020
  • 08 Boys Disney JR Showcase 2019
  • 08 Boys Milla Coppell Cup finalist 2019
  • 08 Boys Eto'o Lexus Tulsa Cup Champions 2019

Welcome Coach Jose Hernandez to  FC Premier!

Coach Jose will be the Head Coach for the 07G and 08G team

Coach Jose Hernandez

Click the link for more information on Coach Hernandez


Jon Evans Bio

Welcome Technical Advisor Jon Evans to the FC Premier Family! Click on the link to learn all about him.

For info, contact Club Administrator:

Bonny Forzi 

Cindy Guthrie

Shantell Dennis